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SADM Pharmaceuticals Limited, originally known as South African Druggist MalawiLimited, was built in 1992 and officially opened in 1995. SADM Pharmaceuticals was a subsidiary company of South African Druggist of South Africa. The major aim for building this factory in Malawi in the early 90’s was local manufacturing of essential affordable medicines for the Malawi Government.

The company was sold in 1997 to Sterling Group of Companies and the name was then changed to SADM Pharmaceuticals Limited. In 2005 the company was sold again as an on going concern to Mr. David Bisnowaty, a foreign investor. Since 2005 an investment of over 500 million Kwacha was put in place to upgrade the factory to meet with the latest WHO guidelines. The company is also targeting to expand further by manufacturing various dosage forms as well as currently under negotiations with Ministry of Health of Malawi for manufacturing ARVs locally.

We're Licensed to Cultivate Cannabis

Across the globe, more and more countries are legalising cannabis for both medicinal and industrial use. In Malawi, cannabis has only recently been made legal for medicinal use. However, it is still considered taboo by the general public. We believe that over time cannabis will become a part of people’s everyday lives due to its diverse range of uses not only as a material but also with its many uses attributed to health and wellbeing. As an emerging industry and rapidly growing subject, the cannabis topic can feel divisive, rich in history, divided opinions and plenty of emerging research and newly discovered information. To help create a community that’s smart about cannabis there is a clear need to create a foundation knowledge here in Malawi. SADM exits to create a diverse, inclusive, and informed conversation where cannabis information is accessible to everyone.

While Malawi’s cannabis industry began to bloom, we met with pioneering doctors, farmers and communities bringing forward a new perspective. We realised that we were not alone. With the potential to benefit millions of Malawians and create a significant economic industry, it’s time to elevate the cannabis conversation in Malawi and evolve a healthier relationship to its use. We are here to help normalise cannabis. We want to make learning about cannabis simple for everyone. With access to clear and definitive information, we have a chance to guide a positive cannabis culture in Malawi; one that leads the world in safe practice. As digital and content professionals passionate about mature use of cannabis, we started SADM to help create a smart cannabis community.

Relationship with Control Authorities

SADM Pharmaceuticals Ltd. follows a tradition of fostering a close working relationship with the local Pharmacy, Medicines and poisons Board and other health authorities.

The quality control personnel regularly visit the facility at the National Drug Quality ControlLaboratory (NDQCL) to exchange views and compare results and also use each other’s facilities in the rare event of equipment malfunctioning

Manufacturing License
Quality Adherence

Quality Assurance

SADM has a sophisticated Quality Assurance laboratory with the latest equipment. The laboratory is run by highly skilled and experienced personnel. Quality Assurance programs and standard operational procedures have been implemented.

Good Manufacturing Practices

European Community standards of Good Manufacturing Practices have been entrenched as verified by the Pharmacy, Medicines and Poison Board and the South African Medicines Control Council. No efforts have been spared in ensuring that stringent quality and hygiene standards are maintained.

Training and Skills

SADM Pharmaceuticals Ltd is run with Malawian citizens who hold management positions. SADM Pharmaceuticals has a Training Centre complete with audio-visual facilities. The training library has a good collection of training materials on:

  • Machine handling and care
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Good Manufacturing Practices as adopted by the European Union
  • Marketing and Sales Management
  • Good Laboratory Practices
  • Good Warehousing Practices

Operators and other staff from Production, Quality Control and Maintenance are routinely trained and evaluated, and records maintained to review progress. New entrants are provided with a training manual and only after they have successfully completed the training program, are they inducted into the production system. Management and other staff regularly meet every month for management meetings and staff meetings and issues raised therein discussed and appropriate actions taken. Staff members are encouraged to participate in these meetings and provide suggestions which are suitably rewarded.

SADM Pharmaceuticals Limited aims to become one of the best, modern and state of the art pharmaceuticals’ manufacturing company in the country and the sub-region.

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